Sunday, October 22, 2006

About Idea Burger

Ideas work best when shared, and that's why Idea Burger exists.

Idea Burger believes that ideas can make a difference in shaping young lives and careers. People who search for career advice, career change advice, career advise,career advice for women, career advice forum, job advice, employment advice, careers advice, jobs advice,etc. may find this blog extremely useful, albeit indirectly.

Youngsters googling career salaries, salary advice,career research, career information, work advice, interview advice,career outlook,sales advice, cv advice,career pay, marketing career, marketing advice, etc. will find find interesting information in Idea Burger.

Those of you who blog and believe in the adage "Do no evil" are requested to link to this blog. That will help in spreading ideas far and wide.

If you happen to be looking for anything related to your career, including career education, job planning, career training, career website, job guide, career profile, career requirements, career skills, pay advice, career interview,career recruitment, career opportunities, career course, career planning, career guide, career help, etc., Idea Burger may have more to offer you than you expect.

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Jay, from Bangalore

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