Saturday, May 31, 2008

12 PR secrets for startups

"Measure Success, Not Traffic" - reminds Brian Solis.

The PR secrets:

"Understand You’re Not the Only Story in Town."
"Pick the Right Person or Team to Lead PR."
"Participation is Marketing."
"Identify The Target Audience For Every Step Of Your Growth."
"Don’t Launch on Mondays."
"No Two Bloggers or Journalists are Created Equal."
"Measure Success, Not Traffic."
"Customize the News For Each Influencer to Make His Or Her Job Easier."
"Get a Spokesperson."
"Your Company Blog is More Powerful Than You May Think."
"Blogger Relations Extends from the “A-List” to the Magic Middle."
"Follow the Conversations and Join In."

I find #3 and #7 the most revealing.

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Jay, from Bangalore

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The changing face of business travel

Business traveling is changing.

"Certain types of corporate jaunts may be dead for good.", says Business Week. [more]

"If oil is $130 a barrel and if security adds two or three hours to a trip and if people are doing more and more business with those far afield...,and if we need to bring together more people from more places when we get together...,and if the alternatives, like video conferencing or threaded online conversations continue to get better and better, then..., I think the standard for a great meeting or a terrific conference has changed." says Seth Godin [more]

Means a paradigm shift in business communications. Is your next business presentation compatible with a virtual meeting?

Jay, from Bangalore

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Social Responsibility - the new competitive advantage

The 2008 IBM CEO Survey has some startling facts.

Over 18% of the 1000 + CEOs and Public Sector Leaders surveyed claimed they are adopting their organizations to address the social concerns of their customers.

Is this the dawn of what IBM calls the "Socially Minded Customer" - a new breed of customer who knows what's good for society at large is also good for her, and knows where to pull the levers to get it?

Is Social Mindedness here to stay? Can you be social minded and still meet quarterly targets?

A lot more than business profitability depends on the answers. What do you think?

Jay, from Bangalore

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Building Brand Friendship

Creating Friends for your Brand

Rule 1 - "The only way to have a friend is to be one."

Rule 2 -"you can't force friendship. As a marketer, there's no way to compel people to feel comfortable with your brand. You can, however, take steps to initiate friendship."

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