Saturday, May 31, 2008

12 PR secrets for startups

"Measure Success, Not Traffic" - reminds Brian Solis.

The PR secrets:

"Understand You’re Not the Only Story in Town."
"Pick the Right Person or Team to Lead PR."
"Participation is Marketing."
"Identify The Target Audience For Every Step Of Your Growth."
"Don’t Launch on Mondays."
"No Two Bloggers or Journalists are Created Equal."
"Measure Success, Not Traffic."
"Customize the News For Each Influencer to Make His Or Her Job Easier."
"Get a Spokesperson."
"Your Company Blog is More Powerful Than You May Think."
"Blogger Relations Extends from the “A-List” to the Magic Middle."
"Follow the Conversations and Join In."

I find #3 and #7 the most revealing.

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Jay, from Bangalore