Monday, November 06, 2006

Now, Indian companies are inspiring management best sellers

The World is flat, observes Tom Friedman, foreign affairs columnist of The New York Times.

His inspiration ? Infosys, the Indian Company.

And Infosys agrees. "Outsourcing is just one dimension of a much more fundamental thing happening today in the world", Nilekani (Infosys CEO) explained. What happened in the last few years is that there was a massive Investment in technology, especially in the bubble area, where hundreds of millions of dollars were invested in putting broadband connectivity around the world, underseas cables, all those things".

At the same time, he added, computers became cheaper , and dispersed all over the world, and there was an explosion of software - email, search engines like Google, and proprietary software that can chop up any piece of work and send one part to Boston, one part to Bangalore and one part to Beijing, making it easy for anyone to do remote development.

When all of these things came together around 2000, added Nilekhani, "they created a platform where intellectual work, intellectual capital, could be delivered from anywhere. It could be disaggregated, delivered, distributed, produced, and put back together again- and this give a whole new degree of freedom to the way we do work, especially work of an intellectual nature...And what you are seeing in Bangalore today is really the culmination of all these things coming together."

Read the Infosys take on the flat world here and here.

The Indians deliver sophisticated services globally with the right people,in the right place,and at the right time, says Steve Hamm in "Bangalore Tiger", a McGraw-Hill book on Wipro.

And Azim Premji agrees - “We’re pioneers in establishing the global delivery model,which the whole services world is adopting today,”says Premji.“This model gives customers more value for their money.It will make the world more competitive,to the advantage of the customer."

Read the Introductory chapter here.
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But wait, the biggest of them all, TCS, is yet to inspire a book!

Jay, from Bangalore

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