Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Robert Scoble Lawbreaker?

Did Robert Scroble break the law by trawling Facebook for "Names, email ids and birthdays?"
More importantly, did Robert break the trust reposed in him?

"He single-handedly bashed through most of the basic principles of privacy with his scraping exercise, never mind Facebook’s terms of service." - says Thomas Othevo

"My friends gave me permission to use their stuff when they gave me access to their information. " counters Robert Scoble.

"I was erased. Erased so quickly and completely that my friends had no idea what happened."
posts Robert about the way he was removed from Facebook.

But Facebook may have had their own real reasons why they did what they did.

Be advised, this is one space that's worth watching. The early debates on the rights and wrongs of our increasingly "real" virtual world.

Jay, from Bangalore